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FAMILY and Friends and Me                                  SIOUX FALLS Things                                    
The Active Generation Ukulele Club
Garrett Luke's Christening at Saint Agnes 3/16/13 Some of my music on YOUTUBE
GrandKids 12/3/12 Sioux Falls Dinosaurs 11/25/12
Liz and Andy and Lillian and Sophia 10/12/11          Sioux Falls Lights Parade 11/23/12
Sophia's Christening 05/29/11 Sioux Falls Zombie Walk 10/27/12
All of my Surgeries My First WoodCarving Project
My Brand New Grand Daughter Sophia Born 1/04/2011 Beautiful Projects by Nancy Cummings
My Beautiful New Grand Daughter - Lillian Twiggy the Squirrel that can Water Ski
More Lillian Pictures and Videos Some Wood Carvings from the Sportsman show 3/4/13
More Lillian and Sophia Pictures taken on 01/22/11 Icon Club and Good Bye to Kelly So Sad on 2/14/13
Some NY Yankees by where I live The Sertoma ButterFly House 01/21/12
Don Larsen's 50th Anniversary The PickleBall Crew - 2013
Beautiful Jeannie JazzFest 07/18/2013 - 07/20/2013
Rob & Kelly at City Marathon' 05 Active Generations and their Thursday May 2nd Vendor Outing
Liz's Wedding 10/25/03 George McGovern's Funeral on Oct 26th 2012 at the Washington Pavilion Sioux Falls SD
Ghostly Orbs from the Haunted Raynham Hall The Zombie Parade 10/26/2013
Bob's Condo in Jacksonville Florida
Pics of 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades
Pics of Aunt Bert's House being ReDone
Pics of Apollo
Wile E. Coyote - Pretty Funny
MyWall - Some of my Favorite People
NotreDame - Some Pics of NotreDame on my trip to Sioux Falls
Some Pics and Music of Richie Lee
The Viejito Turns 60

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